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Gun & Ammo Vol. 11: Ammunition Design & Testing July 2013 vol. 11 issue 4 COHLEG COMPOUNDING FOR.22s CYANOGENETICS BY WAY OF.22s COMPOUNDING CYANOGENETICS is the most efficient method for getting significant increases in bullet weights. This is the new data you need to know to get the most out of your.22s. Brian Bennett _________________________________________________________________________________ ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In reviewing this article, I would like to extend my thanks to those people who have contributed to the new data presented in this article. My first thanks must go to David Lilienthal and Rob Lefferts for their contributions to the technology of.22s. To this basic technology, I owe much of what is presented in this article. The second thanks go to the staff of the Gun & Ammo magazine for supporting this work with the additional illustrations and graphics that are presented. To this group, I would especially like to thank Paul Wallace for his excellent work on the illustrations and graphics. Last, and not least, I would like to thank the manufacturers of the products used to complete the testing and measurement work presented in this article. I know they appreciate my gratitude. - Brian Bennett Volume 10: Indoor Practical Shooting: A Guide to the New Industry With Shooting Skills Program ACCURATE MOVEMENT AND ACCURATE FEEL REMAIN KEY ELEMENTS IN THE ENGINEERING OF INDOOR PISTOLS. With.22s, the problems are much easier to tackle than with 9mm. Throwing a.22 is not like tossing a pizza. The little plastic shell is of half the weight of the center hole. The.22 also spreads the recoil forces over a much smaller area. This makes recoil more manageable. That, coupled with a low recoil-muzzle momentum ratio, makes a lot of difference in what is possible with the.22. - Brian Bennett SECTION I: STUDY OF THE SCIENCE OF.22 RIFLE AMMO INTRODUCTION The primary purpose of this article is to encourage you to consider experimenting with the.22 cartridge. This article presents, along with data, a suggested approach. The data and suggested approach are not to be considered a "how to" manual, but rather a guide to.22 rifle ammunition. It is not meant to teach you how to actually design, build or test your own ammo. This section is not meant to be a training manual or even a ballistic test manual




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Motorcycle Dynamics Vittore Cossalter Pdf Download

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