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OperaHub is dedicated to creating high-quality, unified musical/dramatic experiences through collaboration with local performing and design artists, focusing on innovation and experimentation in all aspects of opera production. We believe that opera performed in an intimate setting gains vibrancy and depth, and that affordable, accessible performance of opera should also be exciting, beautiful, and fresh. We take pride in presenting small, non-standard works and chamber arrangements of standard repertoire.



OperaHub was founded in 2007 by four recent college graduates and has operated under the leadership of Christie Lee Gibson, a longtime performer with the group, since 2012. Since its inception, OperaHub has produced high-quality, intimate presentations of relatively underperformed operas such as Idomeneo, Der Kaiser von Atlantis, L’Heure Espagnole, Der Zwerg, and The Long Christmas Dinner, as well as numerous themed concerts.


Some of our even more innovative offerings have included

  • A new a cappella setting of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Michael Ching, which utilized a vocal choir in place of instrumental accompaniment (a “voicestra”);

  • The Choose-Your-Own Opera, an hour-long revue that weaves together plot threads from beautiful and playful operatic arias and ensembles while putting the audience in the driver’s seat to make key plot choices;

  • An arrangement of L’Incoronazione di Poppea for synthesizer continuo and electronic effects

  • Tom Johnson’s Four-Note Opera and Erik Satie’s Socrate, both collaboratively directed by

    the performers.


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