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OperaHub is thrilled to announce a new partnership with fellow Boston-based company MassOpera on the innovative and exciting New Opera Workshop (NOW).  This project will support the cultivation, creation,  workshopping process, and production of new chamber operas with the intention of broadening the new American canon.  

Specifically, we are looking to
1) Explore innovative ways of storytelling
2) Require a majority of roles be for women including a broad variety of roles for diverse women
3) Foster process-driven opera development supported by a collaborative team of performers, artistic and production personnel."


MassOpera and OperaHub will be accepting "Intent to Submit" applications beginning May 31, 2020. 


Find out more, or submit an application via MassOpera's web site.



MassOpera cultivates experiences for artists and audiences that challenge the status quo and reflect our diverse community. In 2018, MassOpera, formerly MetroWest Opera, went through a tremendous rebrand, including the launch of a new organizational name, mission statement, and website. MassOpera strives to be an ever-evolving and responsive performing arts organization, with a commitment to telling new stories, creating opportunities that otherwise would not exist, and representing all forms of diversity on stage and off. Visit us at

MassOpera and the New Opera Workshop

As part of its rebrand in 2018, MassOpera realized that it had accomplished much of what it set out to do when it was founded in 2007.  Gender parity in casting had been a cornerstone of the company’s choice of repertoire, and with so few operas providing gender parity, it quickly became apparent that MassOpera needed to get in the space of creating new work.  Out of this decision the New Opera Workshop was born, and over 2 years they partnered with two national companies, Washington National Opera and Chicago Opera Theatre, producing two orchestral workshops in advance of the premieres of these operas with the larger companies.   This model was great for launching the New Opera Workshop and making a name for the newly minted MassOpera.  We are thrilled to be partnering with OperaHub now to help with the development of new opera from the very beginning, from ideation, to libretto, to composition, to piano workshop, orceshtral workshop, and eventually a premiere production.  This is what we always wanted NOW to be, and now, with OperaHub, we can make it a reality.

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