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Erik Satie's SOCRATE

with excerpts from THE TEN-BLOCK WALK: an Old-Person's Odyssey

by Erin Huelskamp and Christie Lee Gibson


Produced in association with the Fort Point Theatre Channel


June 21- 23, 2013

Fort Point Theatre Channel, 10 Channel Center St., Boston


Erik Satie's half-hour chamber opera SOCRATE was written to be performed by the Princesse de Polignac and her lovers. In it, Satie plays with text from Plato about Socrates and his followers. It asks the question, how can they emulate his calmness that they so admire when he as about to die? The simplicity and speech-like quality of the music hint at the stoicism they try to emulate while belying the difficulty of achieving it.


THE TEN-BLOCK WALK: AN OLD PERSON'S ODYSSEY is a chamber opera that is being written by composer Erin Huelskamp and librettist Christie Lee Gibson. It follows Mrs. Otis as she journeys from her home to the local senior center. This is a piece about being present, about taking time and taking in your surroundings and responding to them. It is about persistence in the face of pain and obstacles and handicap, and about understanding that when you achieve your goals, often after great physical and mental exertion, it doesn't always look or feel like you think it's going to.





The Ten-Block Walk

Mrs Otis   Glorivy Arroyo

Erin Anderson

Rebekah Alexander
Nicholas Hebert
Paul Shafer



Alcibiade   Thea Lobo

Socrate   Erin Anderson

Phèdre   Rebekah Alexander

Phédon   Christie Lee Gibson

Princesse de Polignac  

    Olivia Brownlee


Piano   Nicholas Place

Directed by the Ensemble

Producer   Christie Lee Gibson

Associate Producer   Marc Miller 

Music Director   Nicholas Place

Production Assistance   Olivia Brownlee

Lighting Designer   Ida Aronson




Photos by Cayuga Strategies LLC


For more information on THE TEN-BLOCK WALK: AN OLD PERSON'S ODYSSEY visit


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