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by Tom Johnson


March 3-5, 2011

BCA Plaza Theatre, 539 Tremont Street, Boston


OperaHub's season-long celebration of opera concluded with a fully-staged production of The Four-Note Opera, American composer Tom Johnson's hilarious one-act salute to the genre, created by and featuring members of OperaHub's 2010-11 Resident Company.


Chelsea Beatty, Daniel Bourque, Julia Scott Carey, Stephen Dobay, Kathleen Doyle, Brittany Duncan, Christie Lee Gibson, Adrian Jones, Ryan Metzler, Jordan Rodu, Matthew Stansfield, Aaron Styles, and Lidiya Yankovskaya






Soprano   Chelsea Beatty

Alto   Christie Lee Gibson

Tenor    Adrian Jones

Baritone   Matthew Stansfield

Bass   Aaron Styles



Lidiya Yankovskaya



Stage Director   The Ensemble
Music Director   Julia Scott Carey
Scenic Designer   Stephen K. Dobay
Light Designer   Ryan Metzler
Costume Designer   Kathleen Doyle

Everything Else:

Brittany Duncan

Jordan Rodu

Daniel Bourque




Photos by Cayuga Strategies LLC

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